Instruction Sheet

R e v i s e d    W i n d    E r o s i o n    E q u a t i o n


A:- Basic Computer Requirements:

Computer using 386 or higher processor with a math co-processor
4 Mb RAM or higher
Hard disk with 3 Mb free disk space
DOS 5.0 or higher
VGA color monitor (optional)

B. RWEQ Installation:

  1. Create a sub-directory called "RWEQ".
  2. Copy RWEQ.ZIP from get_rweq.htm
    Be sure to save RWEQ.ZIP in the RWEQ directory.
  3. Unpack RWEQ.ZIP using "pkUnzip" as furnished by PKWARE.
    Just change to your RWEQ directory and type "pkunzip -d"
    This will unzip the files into your RWEQ directory.

C. RWEQ Documentation Download:

Before you can read the RWEQ Documentation Files you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you already have it on your computer, you may skip this step.
  1. To download all RWEQ documentation files at one time :
    Download files from the following page: rweq.htm
    Please note that the appendix is contained in a separate file.

  2. To view selected chapters of the RWEQ documentation :
    Click on a chapter file in the documentation page: srweq.htm

The GOLDEN SOFTWARE, INC. graphics program incorporated in RWEQ
is COPYRIGHTED and LICENSED SOFTWARE. It may NOT be reproduced in any
way or used outside the RWEQ program. See APPENDIX M for software agreement.

Contact Dr. Ted Zobeck, USDA-ARS, at (806) 746-5353 if you encounter any installation problems. Direct questions regarding RWEQ to Dr. Ted M. Zobeck, USDA/ARS, Lubbock, Texas, Dr. Ali Saleh, Tarleton State University, Stephenville,Texas or D. W. Fryrear, Big Spring, Texas.

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