The Llano Estacado, also known as the Staked Plains or Southern High Plains, is a region located at the southern end of the Great Plains of North America. This vast elevated plain has long been recognized as a distinct physiographic region. The key feature that sets this region apart from its surroundings is its exceptionally flat and featureless surface bounded on three sides by "Caprock" escarpments. The western and northern escarpments separate the plateau from the Pecos and Canadian river valleys. Tributaries of the Red, Brazos and Colorado rivers carve away at the eastern escarpment, which separates the Llano Estacado from the Rolling Plains of Texas and Oklahoma.

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Oriana Bridge across the Salt Fork Brazos River in Stonewall County, Texas
Peacock, a ghost town in Stonewall County, Texas
Yellow Lake at the Yellow House Ranch, Hockley County, Texas
Salt Fork Brazos River northwest of Peacock, Stonewall County, Texas
Water tank at Yellow House Ranch, Hockley County, Texas
Blanco Canyon, Crosby County, Texas
Wind turbines near South Plains, Texas
Caprock Escarpment, Garza County, Texas
Valley of Duck Creek, Kent County, Texas
South Pease River at US62/83 crossing, Cottle County, Texas
Bridge collapse at FM1263 crossing of Salt Fork Brazos River, Stonewall County, Texas
Pease River at FM104 crossing, Cottle County, Texas
Salt Fork Brazos River near Peacock, Stonewall County, Texas
Middle Pease River at FM94 crossing, Motley County, Texas
Abandoned courthouse in Stiles, Texas
Truss bridge over Duck Creek, Stonewall County, Texas
Caprock Escarpment south of Ralls, Crosby County, Texas
Escarpment at Alamogordo Valley, New Mexico
Northwest escarpment south of San Jon, New Mexico
Pasture at Bridwell Ranch, Crosby County, Texas
Yellow Lake, Hockley County, Texas
Texas State Highway 350 bridge across dry Colorado River
North Pease River, Cottle County, Texas
BNSF freight train, Lubbock County, Texas
Salt playa, Yellow House Ranch, Hockley County, Texas
Melrose Roping Club, Curry County, New Mexico
On the treeless high plains, Hockley County, Texas
Wheat on the Llano Estacado, Lubbock County, Texas
Oil storage tanks, Hockley County, Texas
Grain silo of the former Spade Ranch - North Division, Lamb County, Texas
Brazos Wind Ranch, Scurry County, Texas
Abandoned grain elevator in the ghost town of Wastella, Texas
Grain silo in McAdoo, Texas
Plains Grain, Abernathy, Texas
Plan-Ex, Lubbock, Texas
Southland Hardware, Garza County, Texas
Abandoned county jail in the ghost town of Clairemont, Texas
Mushaway Peak, Borden County, Texas
Concrete well house, Crosby County, Texas
South Plains Fair, Lubbock, Texas
CRMWA aqueduct, Lubbock County, Texas
Abandoned cotton gin in the ghost town of Petty, Lynn County, Texas
Abandoned school in the ghost town of Whiteflat, Motley County, Texas
Irrigation standpipe west of Shallowater, Hockley County, Texas
Calera Chapel, Toyahvale, Reeves County, Texas
Upper Washita River, Hemphill County, Texas
Goose Lake at Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge, Bailey County, Texas
Salt grass at Illusion Lake, Lamb County, Texas
Canadian River Breaks, Potter County, Texas
Salt Fork Brazos, Kent County, Texas
Remains of a concrete well house in Crosby County, Texas
Beach Mountains north of Van Horn, Texas
Historical marker near Bull Lake, Lamb County, Texas
Steel grain elevator in Barwise, Floyd County, Texas
Brazos in North Central Texas
New Mexico Monsoons, San Miguel County, New Mexico
Abandoned Presbyterian church, Taiban, New Mexico
Caliche road, Hockley County, Texas
Abandoned church in Estacado, Texas
An old garage in Bula, Texas
Farm to Market Road 400 passing through Yellow House Canyon, Texas
Weathered house in Fluvanna, Texas
Overgrazed rangeland, Lamb County, Texas
Colorado River, Borden County, Texas
Grassland near Silver Lake, Hockley County, Texas
Abandoned cotton gin, Bainer Switch, Lamb County, Texas
Playa lake, Lynn County, Texas
West of Amherst, Texas
Grain elevator, O'Donnell, Texas
Abandoned grain elevator, County Line, Texas
Foster's Grocery, Hart Camp, Texas
Plowboy grain elevator, Roscoe, Texas
Estacado Cemetery, Lubbock County, Texas
Steel House, Ransom Canyon, Texas
Canadian River Rail Bridge, Logan, New Mexico
Shelter at Cuthbert Cemetery
Pecos River, Ward County, Texas
Johnson Mesa, Alamogordo Valley, New Mexico
Yellow House Canyon, Lubbock County, Texas
Pony truss bridge in Canyon Valley, Texas
The upper reaches of the Double Mountain Fork, Garza County, Texas
Grain elevator, Crosbyton, Texas
Historical marker, Soldier Mound, Dickens County, Texas
Double Mountain Fork near Justiceburg, Texas
Gulf Oil, Slaton, Lubbock County, Texas
Farm to Market Road 669, Garza County, Texas
Butte, Garza County, Texas
Double Mountain Fork, Garza County, Texas
Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Randall County, Texas
Pavilion at Big Spring State Park, Texas
Abandoned shack near Southland, Garza County, Texas
Double Mountain Fork Brazos near Rath City, Texas
Double Mountain Fork, Kent County, Texas
Threemile Mountain north of Van Horn, Texas
Notrees, Texas
Sandy road through shinnery oak, Crosby County, Texas
Dust storm, Ransom Canyon, Texas
Storm above the plains, Hale County, Texas
Farm to Market Road 651, Crosby County, Texas
Blanco Canyon, Crosby County, Texas
Alamogordo Valley, Guadalupe/Quay counties, New Mexico
Earth Texas, Lamb County, Texas
Distant mesa, Borden County, Texas
Little Red River, Hall County, Texas
Sterling Grocery & Hardware, Ira, Texas
Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River, Childress County, Texas
Mount Blanco, Crosby County, Texas
Steel grain silo abandoned in Dickens County, Texas
West of Notrees, Winkler County, Texas
Roadcut at San Jon Hill, Quay County, New Mexico
Endee Hill, Quay County, New Mexico
Collapse at Palo Duro Canyon, Randall County, Texas
South of the Double Mountain Fork, Garza County, Texas
Texas Highway 207, Armstrong County, Texas
H L Bluffs, Llano River, Mason County, Texas
Valley of the Little Red River, Hall County, Texas
Duffy's Peak, Garza County, Texas
Red Hollow, Garza County, Texas
Railroad crossing near the ghost town of Buenos, Texas
Monument Lake in Bailey County, Texas
Blanco Canyon, Crosby County, Texas
Boggy Lake, a salt playa in Howard County, Texas
Bead Mound in Blanco Canyon, Crosby County, Texas
South Wichita River, Knox County, Texas
Abandoned railroad bridge, North Wichita River, Foard County
Bridge abutment near the North Wichita River, Foard County, Texas
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