Fulgurites are complex glassy structures formed when lightning strikes a surface and melts silica thereby fusing mineral grains. There are two basic types of fulgurites – sand fulgurites and rock fulgurites. A sand fulgurite is formed when lightning strikes a sandy surface and the energy imparted forms subsurface branching tubes of melted and partially melted sand grains. A rock fulgurite forms when lightning strikes solid rock and creates a superficial coating of glass (Lee, 1992). In the case of sand fulgurites, subsequent wind or water erosion often removes the surrounding sand or soil exposing the fulgurite.

The Bibliography of Fulgurites is a comprehensive list of scholarly articles, books, published reports, etc., primarily focused on the study of fulgurites. At this time the bibliography contains a total of 213 bibliographic citations, the oldest of which dates back to 1790.

As with most bibliographies, the Bibliography of Fulgurites has benefited from past work. Older bibliographies are especially important because they provide a record of early publications. The oldest bibliography incorporated into the Bibliography of Fulgurites was compiled by Merrill (1886). Citations have also been extracted from Knibbs et al. (1898), Barrows (1910), and McCollum & Welsh (1999).

Bibliographic citations have also been collected by searching databases and by extracting selected references cited in published papers. New citations are uniformly formatted and merged into a central database maintained at the USDA-Agricultural Research Service in Lubbock, Texas.

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